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Stichting Mira is a foundation for Artistic Education and Art Appreciation. Mira started giving art classes to Aruba’s children in 2007. Within the first few years there was such a demand that we had to implement a full schedule of classes for Artistic Education and Art Appreciation.

The name Mira is derived from ‘Papiamento’, the native language of Aruba and means to see, to look, or to review. We developed lesson plans and methods aiming to re-teach “how to look” and stimulate artistic life skills.

Stichting Mira

Today Mira provides classes to young people and adults in group sessions or individual sessions. Additionally, private home schooling at Mira is also possible. Art classes for vacationers can be organized. Individuals or groups interested in drawing and painting classes during their vacation, may contact us by email at info@stichtingmira.org for an appointment and / or information.

Art School for Children, Youth, Adult and Visitors

We guide the students during the classes with a creative art process, using a suitable educational plan. Art is a fundamental component of what makes each of us a unique individual; when students are involved in art we can see the concentration on their faces and their joyful expressions whilst they explore their artistic inner flair.

We witness how Art matters in the same way language matters or in the same way that breathing matters!

All creators in art are unique

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Caya Danza # 36, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean T: +297 587-0066 | M: +297 593-1411 | E: www.stichtingmira.org